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Summer Giveaway

Summer Giveaway

Shop to win. This week only.

Getting that new summer wardrobe is easy. Shop with us from 6/11 - 6/14 to be automatically entered to win both a $500 Mahi Gold Shopping Spree and a $500 airline gift card.

Known for our nautically inspired signature prints and impeccable fit, our goal is to keep you looking great and feeling even better. Our products wash & wear maginificently, pack easily and are the perfect compliment to the classic moments that shape your life.


Bring your new Mahi Gold look to the destination of your choice. What are you waiting for? Get shoppin'.


Made in the USA

MAHI GOLD is committed to manufacturing all of our goods right here at home - in the U.S.A. We are proud to work with partners from Massachusetts, to Ohio, to California in order to produce the finest garments, by the finest individuals, for the finest customers. MAHI GOLD is our American Dream - inspired by everything Americana. Endless days spent at the beach; strolls down Main Street filled with restaurants, candy stores, ice cream shops and more; annual traditions of watching the 4th of July Parade in the same spot with family and friends; beautiful weather and lasting memories - all part of the inspiration behind MAHI GOLD. No longer a spectator, we walked in a Fourth of July Parade, down that same Main Street where we had spent many nights, holding homemade signs inviting people to a Trunk a Shed...on our Grandparents lawn. A few days later, cars lined the streets and women filled not only the Shed, but the bathrooms, bedrooms and every corner of our Grandparents house. Those memories, that parade, the strangers in the "dressing rooms" all have made it possible for us to now be seen from Coast to Coast, the Islands and beyond.

It never occurred to us to make our clothing anywhere else. It matters to us - it's important - and you'll see difference when you wear MAHI GOLD.


A Few Words
That Define Us


Style you can turn to and count on, time and time again.


Spend time with friends, not worrying about what you are going to wear.


Clothes that not only look great on, they feel great on.

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